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Kitting / Export Containerization / Crating and Packing

  • We provide custom skids, blocking, bracing and high-quality international, domestic, and tropical crating– Customs-stamping and marking to your requirements.

  • Customized packaging and crating for sea, land or air shipments.

  • Container blocking and bracing protect your items against vibration and shipping shock.

  • Minimize corrosion and other environmental hazards with vapor barrier packaging.

Kitting & Sub-AssemblieS

Kitting involves the preparation of production systems or “kits” either to streamline a manufacturing process or to facilitate the final assembly of semi-knocked-down (SKD) products. Kitting can be as simple as combining a specified quantity of production parts into a container or as complex as organizing thousands of parts into a highly-ordered system for product assembly. At Creswell Richardson, our kitting solutions include both the “inbound” and “outbound” sides of the manufacturing process:

Inbound Kitting – Collecting, Organizing and Sequencing Goods

Raw materials received from your supplier by Creswell Richardson can be supplied directly to your manufacturing line in kits, allowing your factory floor operations to be more efficient and sharply reducing your raw materials storage requirements. You can focus your facility’s efforts by concentrating your teams on their highest-value production activities, optimizing your return on factory-floor square footage.

Creswell Richardson can also provide sub-assembly solutions delivered on a just-in-time basis to your production line. These solutions can integrate seamlessly with your manufacturing and IT systems, taking the sourcing, purchasing, receiving and assembling of inbound products off your to-do list.

Outbound – Assembling, Mobilizing, Sequencing and Packaging Semi-Finished Outbound Goods

Outbound kitting involves the consolidation of manufactured and purchased products into production-ready kits for final assembly at a third party manufacturer. This situation often occurs as a result of local content agreements during export. In addition to kitting SKD units, Creswell Richardson can take a completely assembled product, disassemble it, pack into methodical reconstruction packs, including instructions or diagrams for reassembly, and ship it to its ultimate location for final assembly.

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